Cover Crops

Nitro Radish

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Cover crops have grown in popularity over the last few years. There are many options to choose from, with each providing different benefits.

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Some potential cover crop benefits include:

•Reduce Erosion

•Improve Soil Organic Matter

•Increase Soil Water Holding Capacity

•Improve Down Stream Water Quality

•Recapture Nutrients

•Provide Feed & Forage Value

•Produce Nitrogen

•Provide Weed Suppression

•Improve Profitability

Once you know what benefits you hope to achieve, you can start to determine what cover crop to choose.


Some variables to consider:

•What is the next crop to grow?

•What is the planting window?

•Are there any herbicide carryover risks?

•What is your experience level?

•Will you terminate crop in spring, or do you need a winter kill crop?

A few keys to cover crop success include:

•Maintaining soil fertility & pH

•Inoculating legumes

•Planting & terminating at the proper time

•Appropriate seeding depth & method

•Using quality seed

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