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CRP & Native Seed

We are happy to help with all your CRP & government cost share needs.  We carry only select species & mixes on hand, but have access to nearly all species used in CRP mixes. It typically takes about a week to get a custom blend ordered & received.  Our commonly stocked mixes include IL CP42 (Pollinator), CP43 (Prairie Strip), 327 (Field Border), CP2 or CP4 (Wildlife Habitat). We typically prepare CRP mixes on Fridays, so please plan ahead, as we are space limited and try to group several orders into one day each week.

To get an accurate quote for your project we will need a copy of the spec sheet from the FSA office. If your sheet does not include the farm and tract number, please include that as well. 

Seeding Job Sheets can be emailed to or texted to (309)255-4623

Tips for success:

Always check with your county office and follow their instructions. Your county office may have specific rules or requirements that affect your payments, so their directions are important!

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