We carry a full line of ADM products & a limited supply of Kent products, as well as oats & corn.
Listed below are some of the most popular products that we stock.  Additional products may be available or can be special ordered!
Click the product categories below to see what products we offer for each species!
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Cattle Products
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General Products - Suited for multiple classes of livestock

Beet Pulp Shreds - Sugar beet pulp allows animals to be on full feed and reduces the danger of bloating and digestive disturbance. 40# bag

Kelp Meal - Protein 6% Fat 3.1% Fiber 5.89% Ash 24.66% Carbohydrates 51.81%

Sweet Unique All Stock -  a sweet feed that stays fresh longer without stickiness and bricking.  Designed to provide basic nutrition for cattle, ewes, nannies, does and maintenance of mature horses. 12% protein, 2% fat and no more than 20% fiber.

Pony Love
Corn Products

Whole Shelled Corn - Cleaned, yellow #2 corn.  Illinois grown & bagged.

Crimped Corn - Cleaned, crimped, yellow #2 corn.  Illinois grown & processed.

Cracked Corn - Cleaned, cracked, yellow #2 corn.  Illinois grown & processed. The finest & most digestible option.

Oat Products

Feed Oats - Cleaned, and bagged Jerry Oats.  Illinois grown & bagged.

Rolled Oats - Cleaned, steam rolled.  Midwest grown & processed.

Alfalfa Products

Alfalfa Pellets - Protein: 17% Fat: 1.5% Fiber: 33%

Three Horses
Cow and Calf
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