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Cover Crop Legumes

Legumes are a great addition to cover crop mixes ahead of corn! Legumes are capable of fixing nitrogen which is beneficial to a following corn crop. In order to maximize their nitrogen fixation potential, legumes must be inoculated. Ask us if the inoculant you are needing is available! 

Legumes are not only beneficial for their ability to help fix atmospheric nitrogen, they also increase soil organic matter, provide forage, improve water infiltration, and more! To achieve maximum benefit from legumes, allow them to reach bloom prior to terminating.

Tips for success:

  • Inoculate legumes! Remember that specialty species like balansa or berseem clover require a different inoculant than standard clover.

  • Allow legumes to reach mid bloom before termination to maximize N fixation.

  • Even if legumes are not able to reach bloom prior to termination, they have still provide significant benefit as they have fixed some nitrogen, improved water infiltration, increased OM and much more!

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