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Family-Owned and Operated since 2015

MGF is a family-owned and operated business based in Macomb, IL, serving customers throughout the Midwest. We specialize in providing forage seed, cover crop seed, turf seed, and more. Our independence allows us to select high-value products that are a perfect fit for our customers. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service and expertise to help you choose the best seeds for your needs!


Agronomy Focused

Our team has an unrivaled passion for agronomy. We understand that no two operations are the same and that each producer has different goals. Our agronomy team takes the time to understand both your goals and limitations, and works to offer solutions that can fit your needs!  Call (309)837-1820 to schedule a consult.


Where Seed Comes From...

When we say that we source seed globally, we mean it! Most of our seed comes from the US, but it is not hard to find products from Europe, Asia or Australia!

Alfalfa & Clover - most typically comes from OR, ID or Canada

Turf Grasses - usually it is grown in OR

Forage Grasses - often OR, but occasionally from the plains as well

Brassicas - OR and globally!

Summer Annuals - TX, OK and Plains states

Organic Forages - US, CAN or Europe

Grains - Plains or CAN grown

While each year varies, we do our best to bring our customers great products at a great value! A couple things we truly believe are important and that we try to offer:

  • GRAINS - grown at our latitude or further north for maximum winter hardiness

  • CRP / Native Seed - we try to avoid purchasing from southern states when available to lower the risk of noxious weeds and weeds that may become problematic such as kochia or palmer amaranth

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