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In 2023 we introduced our first batch of premixed cover crop products! These four mixes were the culmination of several years experience and learning. We wanted to offer mixes that were easy to use, reasonably priced, and likely to provide great cover crop benefit!

Our beneCOVER™ mix lineup will continue to offer tremendous value and simplicity! If you are wanting to use these mixes for a cost-share project, please let us know, as we have a template we can send your county office to help calculate how much seed is needed for your requirements. 

In the future additional mixes will be added! A forage mix will roll out in summer of 2024, as well as a drone mixture for early season seeding!

Mixes are available in 2000# totes, and 50# bags!

Tips for success:

  • Plan ahead! Those with a solid plan (and even a back up or two for weather) have the most success! Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our agronomists!

  • Use quality seed! Make sure what you are seeding is cleaned and tested, otherwise you may be adding things to your fields that you do not want!

  • Make sure the seed goes to the right place (seed-to-soil contact) at the right time! Consider using planes or drones if needed!

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