Our popular turf blends are specially developed to thrive in many conditions throughout the midwest! We have a wide range of products to meet nearly all conditions and soil types.  Our turf mixes come in 5 pound, 10 pound, or 50 pound bags. We also carry a full line of fertilizers and chemicals for all your lawn needs. 

MWGF 80/10/10 Blend - our most popular blend!

An appealing mixture that can handle pets and traffic well, while maintaining a lush green appearance! Contains: 80% fescue, 10% bluegrass, 10% ryegrass seed, but due to the small seed size of kentucky bluegrass, it will be predominantly bluegrass in appearance. This mixture can handle most soil types, and partial shade to full sun. The fescue component lends durability, the blue grass provides a lush look, and the ryegrass greens up fast!

Seeding Rate: 4-6 # / 1000 sq. ft.

MWGF Tough Turf - our most economical & durable blend!

This turf is suited for limited water environments and high traffic situations and does well in either sun or shade. Contains three dark green turf type dwarf fescues. This mix is suited for almost any soil type. 

Seeding Rate: 4-6 # / 1000 sq. ft.

MWGF Sun Blend

Full sun lawn mix composed of bluegrass and ryegrass for a beautiful lawn. Our sun blend is best suited to well drained soils.

Seeding Rate: 2-3 # / 1000 sq. ft.


MWGF Shade Blend

Shade tolerant mix of bluegrass, fine leaf fescues, and ryegrass suited for low light areas with lots of shade. 

Seeding Rate: 3-5 # / 1000 sq. ft.


MWGF Perennial Ryegrass 

Bunch grass for heavy soil. Perennial ryegrass is suited to heavy soils and is not sod forming, making it a good option for low traffic areas.

Seeding Rate: 4-6 lbs. / 1000 sq. ft


Turf Saver RTF

Rhizomatous tall fescue. Two turf-type rhizomatous tall fescues. A self repairing tall fescue. Deep root system for improved droought tolerance. 

Seeding Rate: 4-6 # / 1000 sq. ft.


Turf Blue HGT Sod Mix

Bluegrass Blend. Early spring green up.  Good disease resistance and traffic tolerance. 

Seeding Rate: 4-6 # / 1000 sq. ft.

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