We carry a full line of Blue River Organics products including corn and soybeans. Please contact Laura at (309)837-1820 for more information and to get a product book.

We also carry a limited selection of organic pasture and cover crop seed. Due to limited availability of organic seed, and a rapidly growing market, we recommend following the guidelines below in order to guarantee your desired seed:

For spring needs: it is best to order in November, as much of the organic pasture seed is produced in Europe, and we order about 3 months ahead of time in order to get it here.

For summer needs: it is best to order in February or March so that we can allocate and receive products.

For fall needs: (fall supply of perennial grass & legumes is often more limited, as we can not get Europe production delivered in time to be planted) it is best to let us know by mid-May.

Organic Radish, Cereal Rye, Wheat, Oats, Clover and Alfalfa are often on hand, but may take up to a week to get.