Oats are a very versatile crop.  They establish rapidly, make them a great companion crop with pasture seedings, as well as a quick growing fall cover crop that can be hayed or grazed. Oats will winterkill, making them a popular cover crop options for producers looking to have minimal spring cover crop management.

Varieties we offer

  • VNS (variety not stated) – locally grown, cleaned and tested oats that work well for cover crop or feed

  • Jerry Oats – a popular and proven variety with average yield and agronomic traits.

  • Shelby 427 Oats – a great spring oat for grain. Has a high test weight and is early maturing. Is PVP (meaning seed stock cannot be saved)

  • Goliath Forage


Cereal Rye

Cereal Rye is the most winter hardy grain option, making it weel-suited for cover crops or for forage value. It is not well suited as a companion crop for most situations, as it can often out compete the crop it is protecting. Cereal rye should be planted in the fall, and will overwinter, allowing it to be killed in the spring to plant a row crop, or grazed or hay for forage. Cereal rye must undergo vernalization to produce a seed head.

Varieties we offer

  • VNS (variety not stated) – maybe locally grown or from SD, ND, or Canada

  • Hazlet - an improved variety from our Canadian suppliers. Hazlet is a shorter plant, and is better yielding.


Due to the tight supply, and changing needs, we do not carry large quantities of the following varieties, but they can be booked if one fits your needs.  We need to know by July 15th, as that is when we book our "specialty rye"

  • Aroostook – very tall, early maturing variety that works well for roller/crimper termination. Best option for a no-till system. Has improved winterhardiness. Must pre-order.

Cereal Rye 2a.jpg


Wheat is a popular grain crop, and can also be used for cover or companion cropping.  As a cover crop, it is less likely than rye to have an alleleopathic effect on corn. Wheat has good winter hardiness, but is not able to grow at as low of temperatures as cereal rye. It is a great forage crop and tends to offer higher levels of protein. Wheat must undergo vernalization to produce a seed head.

Varieties we offer

  • VNS (variety not stated) – IL grown, tested and cleaned.  Economical cover crop or companion option.

  • GV658- a MO grown variety that has great yield potential and agronomics and is medium maturity. GV658 is a medium height, bearded variety.


Due to the challenges of the 2019 growing season, we will not have any additional varieties available. We have a limited supply of untreated GV658 for transitional and organic acres.


Triticale is a cross of wheat and cereal rye.  It has improved cold tolerance from the cereal rye, and the higher quality from the wheat, making it a favorite for livestock producers. It is a common cover crop planted for winter grazing or for spring hay or haylage.  There is not a grain market locally. Triticale is best when cut before heading, and will not head without vernalization.

Varieties we offer

  • VNS (variety not stated) – maybe locally grown or from SD, ND, or Canada

  • Fridge or Forerunner – maybe locally grown or from SD, ND, or Canada