CRP & Native Mixes

We are happy to help with all your CRP & government cost share needs. Our mixes are IL NRCS approved!  Due to each county having different requirements, we typically do not floor stock all NRCS approved mixes. Instead, we will custom quote each mix based off of your specific seeding sheets.  Simply bring a copy of your seeding plan in or email it to

We work with multiple suppliers in order to access high quality, cost effective native seed. All seed is tested for the presence of amaranth and is rejected if palmer amaranth is found. 

Common mixes that are available include - 

CP42 - IL Pollinator

CP42 - IL Pollinator >5% slope

CP42 - IL Pollinator WET

CP327 - IL Tallgrass

CP327 - IL Shortgrass

CP43 - Prairie Strips

EQIP Monarch Mix

CSP Pollinator Mixes

& Much More!

















We typically carry native grasses & wildflowers commonly used in food plots and for recreational use. Typical species on hand include:

    • Switchgrass​

    • Indiangrass

    • Big Bluestem

    • Little Bluestem

    • Native Flower Medley


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Shooting Star Seed


We are very competitively priced, call or email for a quote!