Sheep & Lamb Feed

We carry a full line of ADM products & a limited supply of Kent products, as well as oats & corn.
Listed below are some of the most popular products that we stock.  Additional products may be available or can be special ordered!
Sheep Products

Sheep 36% Concentrate - High quality pellets containing 36% protein and vitamins and minerals designed to fortify grain mixes in all production stages. 

Sheep 22% Red Block -  a high-quality protein with essential macro and trace minerals and vitamins to promote growth, maintenance and reproduction. This block is designed for free-choice feeding. No added copper.

Lamb Products

Lamb Grower 18% - A complete mix containing 18% protein, 1% fat and no more than 11% fiber. Helps to ensure fast, efficient gains. This mix is proven to supply energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins to help ensure fast, efficient gains for growing lambs.