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Kid Feeding Goats
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We carry a full line of ADM products & a limited supply of Kent products, as well as oats & corn.
Listed below are some of the most popular products that we stock.  Additional products may be available or can be special ordered!
Goat Products

Meat Goat Power 16% - A complete mix containing 16% protein, 2% fat and no more than 8% fiber. Helps to ensure fast, efficient gains. Meat Goat Power Complete Feeds are pelleted, grain mixes that supply energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins to help ensure fast, efficient gains for growing meat goats and provides needed nutrients for efficient reproduction. Should not be given to sheep.

Goat Power 22% Red Block -  a high-quality protein with essential macro and trace minerals and vitamins to promote growth, maintenance and reproduction. This block is designed for free-choice feeding. Has copper to build a healthy immune response. Should not be given to sheep.